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Love is absolutely vital

The loss of love can be detrimental, but where does love live?
There is beauty all around us, but if one looses the love inside one's own heart the circumstances and the stars misaligned for so many countless moments.   The facade crumbling on the inside, broken walls and swollen hands, still no help from the outside never any on the inside, just more silence.  It was 3 seconds that catapulted me into a new life.  An awareness I had never before had,  few stayed by my side and many judged,  yet I am trying to find compassion in your fear and silence, in  your anger and hate.

What I am mostly sad about is how the law failed the child.

Today, though I am hopeful,  one day the whole truth will be revealed, walls will crumble and my heart will be more open and loving, forgiving not just myself for having given up on myself, but forgiving you for following suit.

I often walk around wearing a t-shirt with the SLOAGAN Mindful as FUCK, as I did yesterday on my way home.   I was so ground…

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